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A cascade of chains on the facade, dynamic space, mobile, changing, not what you would expect from a bank, especially in a province at the foot of the Maritime Alps. The branch of this Credit Agency, winner of a closed competition, brings a breath of lightness and a levity that would be more common in a completely different sort of building; an exhibition centre or a performance venue, for example. This bank is stripped of that entire traditional image which characterises an institution of this type and instead presents a new unedited image of itself. Surprising and innovative outside, intimate and welcoming inside. Although made up mainly of young people, the Kuadra studio of architects knows how to obtain the very best from the materials they use with rigor and finesse. Glass, metal and stainless steel are all combined in a clever alchemy that highlights consistency, form, quality and singularity, while never neglecting composition, which remains precise and clean. View more View full description
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