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The project goal was to embody the spirit of the Araucania hamlets. These structures, which have different sizes and materials, are arranged around a meeting area. The meeting area is a flat esplanade, also surrounded by farm machinery, like tractors, trucks, construction materials, animals, etc. The housing project is for the fishery workers, and the covered deck (120 feet by 15 feet) provides order in the building layout and the only circulation between buildings. To give emphasis to its own ground, the terrace was raised 4 feet from the ground and covered to protect it from rain and snow and also to provide shade during the summer. Around the terrace are the different buildings arranged in an irregular geometry: the dining room, bath and dressing rooms, the office, and the house. Each building is separated about 6 feet from the terrace at different angles. This provides natural light to the facades while allowing for the possibility to build new structures that are consistent with the overall project idea. View more View full description
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