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Santos Place is a 41 storey office project in the Brisbane CBD which uses a new covered pedestrian laneway as its preferred address. The building consists of Ground floor, 5 podium floors, 12 low rise floors, 11 mid rise floors, 7 high rise floors plus roof level service plant space (30 tower floors total). The ground level has a conspicuously people friendly setting that signals a less corporate way of developing the city, providing multiple functions to promote activities that engage with the public realm of the street and ‘lane’. The Turbot street portico is elaborated to become a ‘miniature building’ over the footpath and serves both a functional and ‘place making’ role for the building, as well as contributing to the network of CBD “markers” and experiences. The through-site-link includes a tenancy along the northern and southern edge that can ‘spill-out’ to activate the pedestrian lane. The tenancy space also has a frontage to Turbot Street, offering the urban benefit of multiple addresses, and consequently, more street activities. View more View full description
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