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Passive houses as type houses Kjellgren Kaminsky has produced Swedens first series of passive houses sold as type houses in collaboration with Emrahus, our goal is to make this environmentally friendly building technique available for all. Villa Nyberg is the first one to get built. The villa has been customized for the Nyberg family and is situated in Borlänge, central Sweden. The passive house Concept Passive houses are extremely well-insulated buildings that are largely heated by the energy already present in the building - people and our household equipment generate a lot of energy. Our energy simulations show that this villa will have an energy consumption for heating of only 25 kWh/m²year. Swedish record in IN Airtightness To reduce heatloss airtightness is n important feature of a passivehouse. When we tested the airtightness of Villa Nyberg in a blowdoortest we got apleasent suprise, a new Swedish record! The result was 0,038 l/sm² at 50 Pa. The Swedish passive house standard is 0,3 and the previous record was 0,07. View more View full description
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