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The title of the Estonian pavilion, “Gallery of _”, symbolises the nature of the entire pavilion and, more broadly, the idea that Estonia is a dynamic and smart small country, with every citizen’s initiative but also every foreign investment, collaboration with international reach and foreign investor affecting how it fares. “Gallery of __” is an open platform for creative Estonian people, who will fill it with life and content. The architecture of the entire pavilion is created based on the idea that it should create the best conditions for holding various performances, exhibitions, actions and presentations. The pavilion will not be form for form’s sake but rather a framework for content that will bring the building to life. The philosophy of the pavilion rests on democratic Nordic values that respect every individual’s right to self-expression and creativity. What is more, it as if this is indeed a model of a dynamic democratic small country: how it fares may be influenced by all who are doing something there or who visit there. Collective creative output will be formed, which can be complemented by new ideas and contemporary applications. The final nature of the pavilion will form up with Estonian creative people but also with all the visitors, who will be provided with an experience of Estonia through the collective impact of nature, technology, culture and cuisine. View more View full description
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