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The location and the characteristics of the site could not be more beautiful. The steep hillside plot with its old, protected pine trees arises from the waterside of the Groß Glienicke Lake and offers a divine view. Due to the topographical hillside of the property with the lake situated in the northwest, the architecture deduces its primary functional and design attributes from this special situation. The concept „less is more“ was taken literally in respect of the starting position. The one story building with a partial basement manages completely without any exterior supporting walls and pillars. In combination with a press-stressed overhanging ceiling the power of the load is carried by an interior sidewall, a cross wall, and three pillars. Except for the circumferential glass front, all surfaces of the carrying structural elements including the floor are made of fair-faced concrete. The limits of the construction panel that were given by the development plan are exhausted to their maximum. The glass skin is divided into a transparent front towards the lake in form of a complete glass aluminium construction and into three opaque translucent fronts. They are compounded of green shimmering structural glass with translucent heat insulation. View more View full description
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