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A winner of the Millennium Yacht Design Awards, Salt & Water's concept for a Floating Hotel aims to introduce tourism onto inland waters without disrupting the natural harmony of its surroundings. Their design consists of two parts: a central floating body and separate catamaran apartment units. Learn more about the Floating Hotel after the break.  The main body of the Floating Hotel contains a reception space, restaurant, event hall, café and offices, with pathways connected to the catamaran apartments. Each catamaran can accommodate up to four guests, and contains a salon, galley, bathroom, a hall with storage space, and a sleeping area. By separating their catamaran from the dock, guests can find and pick their own perfect vacation spot. Hotel patrons can relax outdoors on the flying bridge or beach platform, from which they can enjoy the water for swimming, diving, fishing, and sun bathing. By slowing navigation of the catamarans to a leisurely pace, guests are encouraged to connect with the water and sky around them with uninterrupted views afforded by the geometry and large windows of the catamarans.  View more View full description
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