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COOKFOX Architects has recently begun construction on The Neeson Cripps Academy, a high-tech and sustainable school to be built in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, as a gift from Velcro Companies to the Cambodian Children’s Fund. The school, named for Cambodian Children’s Fund founder Scott Neeson and former Velcro Companies Chairman Robert Cripps, will employ multiple sustainable building practices, including water and energy efficiency via natural lighting, integrated solar shading, low energy lighting, and low flow water fixtures. An energy recovery system will further work to improve air quality inside classrooms by filtering outdoor air into the interior of the building, and on-site photovoltaic cells will provide a portion of the school’s energy needs. In concurrence with sustainability goals, COOKFOX is incorporating biophilic design principles, such as using natural and natural-analogue materials, specifically tile designs made from locally sourced terracotta that will resemble the woven fiber patterns of traditional Khmer textiles. These patterns, according to the architects, will imprint “the school of the future with a connection to the rich cultural history of Cambodia.” View more View full description
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