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A varied group of buildings have been built where once stood a Diesel Engine Factory in Changchun, China. Designed by Beijing & Seoul based architects CHIASMUS, redevelopment of the site focused on the preservation of the existing spatial experience over the actual buildings. The result is a neighborhood that remembers its industrial past through its scale, layout and materials. In many ways the conversion of the old factory site in Changchun is a typical post-industrial redevelopment that includes saving some exemplar buildings and adding contemporary functions. These former factories seldom have a lasting architectural quality, but in spatial and dogmatic organization they represent a defining age in China worth keeping. Located in North-East China, Changchun - sometimes called the “Detroit of China” because of its automotive industry – has been an important industrial city for the last 100 year. The site is on the border of Changchun’s city center, one block east of the Yitsong river. View more View full description
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