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A concrete tropical box that embraces the lush jungle. The project was envisioned as an inward looking abode that safeguards its interior from the tropical sun and rain while at the same time, embraces the dense, natural floral enclave that the house sits within. Set in the tropics, we designed a concrete egg-crate structure that envelopes the house to keep the heat out, but draw daylight in to create comfortable spaces within. The perforated nature of this envelope allows the existing overgrowth to grow into the volume of the house, thus softening the boundary of inside and outside. The egg-crate structure is built of in-situ concrete as a sun-filtering device at the depth of 900mm. The structure naturally allows daylight to filter through but resists radiation. Concrete fins of 150mm thickness reinforce the structure by framing openings of various sizes at a controlled rhythm. This further facilitates the regulation of light intensity inside. View more View full description
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