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Construction site is a rural town away about 60 km from Hiroshima is a provincial city to the east, is a region where a population decline goes ahead through. In Japan, child-rearing facility is insufficient at urban areas. And children are overflowing that they are not put into child-rearing facility. On the other hand, advance the dilution of the local community at rural town where decreasing of the population advances. For that reason parenting households become isolation. By this situation, place of providing information to child care, which has been complemented by the local community until now has also been decreasing. And it has caused a sense of anxiety to the child care, it's giving an adverse effect on the child-rearing environment. To solve this problem, we wanted to give a place of exchange with the local community , and to provide a place that allows the exchange of information on child-rearing for young child-rearing families. View more View full description
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