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The son of Portuguese immigrants in Venezuela, Manuel Pita, also known as “Sejkko,” is a scientist and photographer who expresses his creativity on Instagram. In his latest series, “Lonely Houses,” Sejkko’s surreal photos capture the traditional houses of Portugal, edited to “bring them as close as possible to the way my eyes see them,” he explains.  The name Sejkko is derived from the Japanese word seikko, which means “sincere child” and “the power of truth” – qualities that Sejkko seeks to convey in his art.  Through the colors, architecture and surroundings of the “Lonely Houses,” Sejkko transmits childhood memories of his feeling of home.  Read Sejkko's description of his project below.  "My “lonely houses” started when I was very little, and realized there was a dichotomy between the feeling of “home” I had inside of me, and what I was perceiving outside, in the place where I was born. View more View full description
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