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New London Architecture (NLA), an independent resource and forum for debate about the city's built environment, have unveiled a new, large-scale interactive model of the UK capital. Designed to provide a visual history of the city, NLA also intend for it to spark questions about its future. This model replaces an earlier one, which was revealed on the day that it was announced that London's bid to host the 2012 Olympic Games has been successful. Now, a decade later, the present projection of the city's built future has been mapped across the model, highlighting the locations of the 263 tall buildings planned or under construction. Visitors are also able to track the route and impact of new transport links, such as HS2 and Crossrail. Built by Pipers with data supplied by Ordnance Survey, the 1:2000 scale model covers more than 85 square kilometres of London, 19 Boroughs and approximately 170,000 buildings, including 34km of the Thames with its corresponding 21 bridges. It extends from King’s Cross in the north to Peckham in the south and the Royal Docks in the east to Old Oak Common in the west. A sophisticated projection and lighting system allows buildings and major infrastructure projects to be digitally animated across the surface of the model. Controlled by touchscreens,  visitors are able  to call up detailed information and key facts on London’s newest buildings and future projects that will help to define the capital. The model is the city’s only physical manifestation of how London will look and progress as new buildings and developments are given the go-ahead. View more View full description
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