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What have these three projects got in common? They will never be published in a reputable architecture magazine. This news is no surprise: only a few projects in all the world deserve the right to be published. Editors set trends, put focus on hot topics, give visibility to emerging firms and confirm architectural stars. A printed magazine has limited space and therefore has to engage in a very strict decision-making process; only the very few are shown. In this Darwinian selection some worthy and brilliant architects perish. On the other hand, an internet site has the possibility to widen the projects range. The web has virtually unlimited space - but still, this space is not to be wasted. Very few would benefit from a site that published every architecture project on earth. These unpublished projects are not outstanding nor interesting; they might be “fine” or worse. Frank Gehry says that “98 percent of everything that is built and designed today is pure shit.” I don’t know where he found his data (and personally I would save from this off-hand dismissal a little bit more) but basically I agree with his statement. So you’ll find the best projects on published in magazines and on websites, and the worst you sadly have the opportunity to experience on your own, simply by walking around almost any city. View more View full description
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