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On the site of the CHU d’Estaing teaching hospital, the shape of the new teaching and research unit (UFR) and dental care centre building (CSD) is designed to make the 2 activities and units instantly distinguishable. The architectural project had to overcome a twofold difficulty: it had to give the new project a very clear identity of its own on an altogether different scale next to the CHU d’Estaing, while also offering a unique building asserting the existence of two readily identifiable and distinguishable entities. Two programmes and a building with enough presence to form a consistent frontage. The frontage is always the main feature, even from the rear of the hospital. The slope on the land is used to handle the main street entrance to the UFR on the lower ground floor, and a direct access from the hospital to the lecture theatre on the upper ground floor. The base of the UFR is held together by a large crossing space of twice the height, the entrance hall and the lecture theatre, linking up all the spaces, including with direct access to the lecture theatre from the CHU d’Estaing. The patios running through the volumes of the UFR and the dental care centre help one find one’s way around the spaces with extra-comfortable lighting through natural daylight. View more View full description
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