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In many African countries, clean water is still a luxury. Wars are fought over it, families are uprooted for it, and entire communities perish without it. The scarcity of freshwater has plagued nations in Africa and around the world for centuries. Now, non-profit group PITCHAfrica is fixing the problem with a novel combination of sport and design. Part of a 10-acre Waterbank Campus comprised of 7 water-harvesting buildings, the soccer (or “futsal”) stadium is capable of hosting up to 1500 people, helping to save, educate and unite communities that are most in need.  PITCHAfrica describes their approach, which provides a solution to anticipated global aquifer depletion In Kenya there is 7 times the amount of rain falling than is needed by the population. Rain is an astoundingly underused resource and one that asks that we change our unsustainable relationship to water to a balanced one. Waterbank buildings are designed to transform our relationship to water. ‘Business as usual’ advocates are extracting water from underground, from non-renewable aquifers AND building schools that deflect rather than catch and store rainwater easily. We reverse this, bringing the water to the schools center to show how this resource can empower whole communities and lead to systemic change. Everyone can have clean water.  View more View full description
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