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This project is to build a new house within the land of 4 generation dairy farmer's family. In this project, the old farmhouse was partly demolished to add a new domicile for younger generations. The new house is arranged around demolished living room. Its configuration is defined by gentle relief of building, garden, field and green. The atmosphere of surroundings is integrated into the house by changing the shape of its inside space.Tracing the living room, a newly inserted courtyard takes over memories of the house. It is planned to be a core connecting the old and the new. [Court yard : A core for family life on the campus]
Farmers move around cowsheds and fields for 365 days. The vast site spans about 10,000 m2 with full of memories of the family and animals. So It's like a big home for them.
And the cowsheds are deployed with the thought of the dairy farmer for 5 decades. So it is also a campus planned by the daily farmer that keep to change over generations.
The courtyard is the first outside space for family. Hoping it also become a core for family life with animals where the work and the private coexist even changes of livelihood and family structure on the campus. View more View full description
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