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If something definitive the clients said to us was their desire to look towards the sea. The house is placed in a little town near the coast of Lugo, raised and oriented towards the landscape opened to the sea. Arriving Vilapol means leaving back the town of Xove to go through a dense eucalyptus forest until appearing in this peaceful and lonely little town, elevated from the surrounding lush landscape with the sea in its horizon. The feeling is to be alone facing all that. The house is placed in a high triangular plot, on the edge of the only street in which every house is relied on. This geometry ends configuring its dynamic floor plan and subsequent volume, that reinforce the will of the house to orient itself to the landscape. Its position in the plot leaves a rear space that is used mainly as a  parking, and a front one opposite the big porch in which the house is felt over. The more protected side of the house is the one where you gain access to the house. View more View full description
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