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The house stands on the edge of the street and solitary buildings, therefore the threshold of old and new in the town of Pacov. Its mass nods the street, extends the street, and terminates it. The building becomes the last, if not the first in the row, of unmistakable individuality. Its unusual shape is based on the irregular layout of the plot, orientation to the cardinal points, and particularly it is based on the limited size of the plot contrasting with the extensive building program. The house is accessed directly from the street. The main living area - dining room with kitchen on the ground floor and elevated living room accessible by six stairs – is opened into the garden through the large French windows. Windows are hidden from the street by a fence wall. The second and the third floors are occupied by bedrooms and children's rooms. Under the living room there is about a half floor down the floor with technical facilities, including a pantry and a cellar. These spaces can be accessed either from the outside or directly from the kitchen unit by a one-armed staircase. View more View full description
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