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Predicting the future is a risky job. In the rapidly changing world predictions rarely come true. Accepting an invitation to a closed competition for the concept of the Apartment of the Future (located in the centre of the Dobrodzień Interior Design Park Dobroteka) we envisaged a place that would be timeless, universal, but simultaneously distinctive, even unique. During more than two years of work on the project we were striving to create an open space, responding to changes in technology, furniture and diverse needs and behaviors of users. In the latest electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets and laptops, ever more advanced multifunctional mechanisms and programs are enclosed in ever simpler casings. We adopted a similar scheme while creating the concept of the apartment. Traditional functional divisions have been replaced with an open plan allowing for an unrestricted number of arrangements. Monochromatic white interior is delimited by longitudinal rows of cabinets housing most functions. Different ways of opening and closing of fronts show the entire spectrum of furniture assembly possibilities. View more View full description
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