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The relationship between the urban landscapes. The building is located on 104 Hannam Blvd., which connects the Tunnel 2 and Hannam Bridge. As one of the streets with the most traffic congestion, it has defined the characteristic of the site. Even though the project is a small building, defining the urban landscape was the question and it became the starting point for the plan. In conclusion, the visual interaction between the users in the building and those, people in the car, on the street during traffic congestions was explored. The facade, which mostly composes the urban scenery, does not allow any visual communication between the pedestrians nor the vehicles. This project is to depart from the unilateral communication where only the users in the building are allowed to look out. The natural, visual communication between the environment (pedestrians, residents) and the architecture will reevaluate the characteristics of the architectures that comprise the urban landscape. View more View full description
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