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Adam Nathaniel Furman's tenure as the recipient of the 2014/15 Rome Prize for Architecture at the British School at Rome has come to an end. The project that he has investigated over the past months, entitled The Roman Singularity, sought to explore and celebrate Rome as “the contemporary city par-excellence” – “an urban version of the internet, a place where the analogical-whole history of society, architecture, politics, literature and art coalesce into a space so intense and delimited that they collapse under the enormity of their own mass into a singularity of human endeavour.” The "video-poem" that he has produced looks into the idea of "Rome as a pilgrimage site for the world's imagination, from where ideas are drawn, and which in turn absorbs ideas, superficial and profound." He argues that it "is simultaneously the beating heart of that eternally exciting madness that is contemporary Italy, and a private playground of historical dissolution, delinquency, and total freedom." View more View full description
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