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To celebrate International Women’s Day, we asked the Brazilian non-profit group Arquitetas Invisíveis to share with us a part of their work, which identifies women in architecture and urbanism. They kindly shared with us a list of 48 important women architects, divided into seven categories: pioneers, “in the shadows,” architecture, landscape architecture, social architecture, urbanism and sustainable architecture. We will be sharing this list over the course of the week. Today we present women architects who stand out for the quality of their work.  Architecture These architects stand out for their quality work. Many designed buildings that today are symbols of a specific time or place. Whether for their aesthetic, functional or technical aspects, these projects are undeniably relevant and draw attention. Kazuyo Sejima, winner of the Pritzker Prize along with Ryue Nishizawa,  has designed striking buildings around the world. Like her, Farshid Moussavi, Jeanne Gang, Gae Aulenti, Annabelle Seldorf, Carme Pinós, Carolina Bueno, Jô Vasconcelos, Elizabeth de Portzamparc, Freusa Zechmeister, Marianne Mckenna and Odile Decq are recognized globally and have designed award-winning projects. Although Italian born, Brazilian citizen, Lina Bo Bardi worked mostly in Brazil, she is known for the quality and inventive nature of her designs, and especially for her design of the São Paulo Art Museum (MASP).   View more View full description
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