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We have teamed up with Building Pictures, Filipa Figueira and Tiago Vieira to feature weekly episodes of their video series “Arquitectura à Moda do Porto,” which highlights Porto’s most significant buildings over the last two decades. The series launched in 2013 and is comprised of 10 episodes, each focusing on a different theme: light, stairs, balconies, nature, textures, doors, windows, skylights, pavements and structures. Last week we featured the series’ third episode about Porto’s balconies, and now we present Episode 4 – Nature. Read the producers’ description of Episode 4 after the break. EPISODE 4 - NATURE Gliding through the air, we pass ARX's Blood Bank and Balonas e Menano Architect’s Passeio dos Clérigos. We go back to earth in Eduardo Souto de Moura’s Casa das Artes and in Siza’s Serralves Foundation, FAUP and Avenida dos Aliados. We connect with water through Carlos Prata's Molhes do Douro, Sidónio Pardal’s City Park and Manuel de Solá-Morales' Passeio Atlântico. In the end we’re gliding again, all the way to the top of Adalberto Dias Guindais' Funicular. View more View full description
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