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The project is located in the Argentina Pampa, a flat territory, in a city where the checkerboard order and uniformity that was planned is disrupted by the diversity of the buildings. The house addresses the reform and expansion of a prefabricated home, Californian style, with pitched roof, and between party walls. The three ideas were:    a_ To take advantage of part of the existing house    b_ To keep the layout and circulation (functional criteria)    c_ Slanted roof (formal criteria). The project arises from preserving the footprint of the house, replacing the weak walls by other capable of supporting a second floor that arises from stretching up the pitched roof, creating a living space, with flexible uses and integrated to the house. The formal result of this operation is the archetypal house. An abstract volume shaped as a vertical rectangle whose upper half is cut into two slanted planes. The volume is released from the party walls and is brought to the front to emphasize its geometry, bringing the facade to the sidewalk and receding the side walls, which close the party walls and take the height of the neighbors. View more View full description
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