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The ‘Waldeulen’ [lit: forest owls] is an association promoting education in a forest and outdoor setting. The ‘Spielraum Wald’ forest playground is designed as a holistic educational facility for the promotion of cognition and sensory perception, as well as to provide an opportunity for intensive activity and exercise in natural surroun- dings. It provides freedom to play in a fairytale setting that inspires the imagination though playful learning in an ecologically-friendly environment. In order to make this facility available throughout the year, i.e. also in times of extremely bad weather, it is necessary to equip the ‘Spielraum Wald’ with an additional forest hut, in which children and their teachers can shelter and sojourn during periods of very poor weather conditions (rain/cold).
 This forest shelter, known as the ‘Waldsetzkasten’ [lit: forest display case] has been designed so as to appear from the outside as an open shelving unit. The surrounding display areas are used by the children for example as a place to store and exhibit all the wonderful things they have found, as an insect hotel or even as a place to leave food for the forest inhabitants. View more View full description
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