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A new investigative series from NOVA delves into some of the most well-known and enigmatic ancient structures. The three-part investigation, "Building Wonders" explores the Roman Colosseum, Petra, and the Hagia Sophia and premieres February 11-25, 2015 throughout the United States on PBS. With expert investigations and experiments, "Building Wonders" will unearth some of the mysterious engineering feats behind these ancient icons. Read on after the break for episode descriptions and trailers. The first installment, "Colosseum - Roman Death Trap," premiering February 11 at 9 pm ET, explores the amazing technological innovations of the ancient Romans involved in creating the famous structure. Specialists will attempt to prove its legendary uses by recreating the technology through means the Romans would have had, using the remaining markings in the Colosseum's basement as cues for their construction plans.  View more View full description
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