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Nearly eight months ago, a team of four design students won a competition to design an artist’s residence in the south-western countryside of the UK. Now, Charlotte Knight, Mina Gospavic, Ross Galtress, and Lauren Shevills (in collaboration with artist Edward Crumpton) have seen their design, “The Observatories,” realized. Conceived as two rotating structures that house a studio and living quarters, The Observatories will be moved to four different sites over the course of two years. During this time, they’ll take in twelve artists, each for two-month residencies. The Observatories were submitted as a proposal for a competition held by SPUD (Space Placemaking and Urban Design), who have now collaborated with the designers to construct the project. The residencies were also supported by Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios. Both structures were prefabricated off-site, during an 11-week period. Each is designed to fit on a two-by-ten meter flatbed for ease of transport during their two year tour. View more View full description
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