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"There is a legend about King’s daughter Roze who still lives underneath the Rezekne castle mound and waits for the one to bring her into the world… Meanwhile a wizard came on the other side and lifted the earth up. A free space was left there for every little kid in Rezekne to grow up tall, wise and special. And the wizard stuck the pencils into the ground. The teenagers came and climbed up there to show themselves and their great works. Let the gentlemen of Riga to admire!" The idea of the building was developed as a proposal for an architecture competition for a place next to the castle mound of Rezekne and aim of the city - to create innovative, creative environment for children and youth in Rezekne that would stimulate the young graduates to return to live and work in Rezekne town after their studies, unique, new leading-motive for the development of the town, new impress of time. View more View full description
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