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This project is an extension of the existing factory, reclaiming ground adjacent to the jungle in Johor, Malaysia. The factories in the 19th century gave priority to rationality and productivity, so we wanted to transcend the factory typology by incorporating elements that would make the Islamic workers proud of the new working environment they would be facing. Using the power of nature like rain water, sunlight, the wind, geothermal heat and vegetation, we wanted to minimize the production of harmful low carbon expelled to the environment making of the building a sustainable factory. The plan intends to create a large green roof continuous with the ground extending the earth surface covering the lower functions and spaces. The roof soil works improving greatly the efficiency of the factory space insolation. The space below is structurally arranged by a forest of hexagonal shaped pillars with a star shaped top derived from the arabesque patterns from Islamic culture, a reference to the surrounding jungle. Rain water that pours down the rooftop is pulled into and underground water storage tank through the pipes embedded in the pillars being used cyclically for plants watering. When flowing into the pond and the wind blows, the rain water that pours down over the rooftop slope, brings a cold breeze to the transitorily space between exterior and interior under the roof. To reduce artificial light as much as possible, the factory is designed to reflect the light that comes from above. View more View full description
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