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Located in the heart of Zaragoza, in the basement of a residential building previously occupied by a bus station, the site where the Liang Xin Center is located has a street facade and an interior area that extends to the inside of the block. For the first Liang Xin Center outside Malaysia, we propose an architecture of dark tones based on the darkness and silence of the empty space and the articulation of the interior routes, and attentive to the different degrees of opacity of materials. In this sense, the new facade is made entirely of copper. In this case, to its qualities as a natural material that is modified over time, tinting its tones and early reflections, is added the opportunity to drill pixelated patterns offered by digital technology. This process allows us to integrate into a single material the graphic identity elements and the images symbolizing the four concepts in Liang Xin philosophy from its origins -Relaxation, freedom, harmony and generosity- avoiding the superposition of materials that is usual in this type of project. View more View full description
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