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This residence in São Paulo is a project for a middle-aged couple and a daughter. Neighborhood residents wanted to continue living there, but not in an apartment. The site they found, in a small street, housed an industrial kitchen that occupied 100% of the lot. This building had no architectural value and no concern for sunlight and ventilation. The project arose from the idea of a mini respite in the urban landscape. The large concrete box of the first floor is the concept of the house. The box has tears, creating voids that illuminate without penetrating the privacy of the residents of the house, which is in the heart of a neighborhood predominantly comprised of buildings. The voids are filled with lush and contemplative gardens, which can be viewed from all environments, creating a visual connection between the ground and the first floor. Another important point in this connection is the double height of the living room, which allows a clear understanding of the house. View more View full description
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