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The region of Karst was once covered with Oak trees that Venetians have extensively used for building up the City on water. They have left the wind to peel off earth revealing limestone grounds. In this landscape the tradition of small, compact, stony and almost windowless houses developed and remained until today. Following this tradition determined the design of small compact stony house corresponding to the needs of the young family and current technological principles. Redefinition of traditional stony Karst house led to the concept of proto-house as compact, stony, pitched roof volume for contemporary countryside living in this region. The house is conceived as monolithic volume with two inserted wooden volumes connected with interim landing. Ground floor operates mostly as public or semi-public space with multiple grand landscape views as on the other hand the upper floor stands very private with sky views only. The space is divided with two inserted wooden volumes which in ground floor contain kitchen with dining or bathroom and in the upper floor master bedroom and children’s room. House in a house concept allow each bedroom to perform as primarily wooden pitched house, where one literally feels like sleeping in his own (symbolic) house and not a room. The bridge connecting both houses acts as playroom. View more View full description
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