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The SAN FRANCISCO housing building is implanted in the Jara neighborhood in Asuncion. It is a traditional neighborhood of houses with courtyards, hills and ceramics; lush trees, shades and views. Our architectural decisions try to understand and appreciate the premises of the place (context, sub tropical climate, etc.), solving the problem of excess light and heat with a ceramic filter to the west (main facade) and understanding that cross ventilation in the building is essential. Limited resources or still expensive technology make our design solutions essential, economic and relevant. The floors are airy with large balconies, spatially connected to the outside ... The common terrace to enjoy the sky, the Chaco horizon, or the excellent view of the city... Contains the fire tank / pool as a guarantee for any emergency in the community or neighborhood. It is available for all. It also reuses rain water which is collected and used in bathrooms and gardens... View more View full description
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