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UK start-up company The Photon Project has announced its plan to launch the Photon Space, the world's first intelligent all-glass living unit. Motivated by the major positive benefits that natural light can have on our energy levels, sleep pattern and overall health, the goal of the Photon Space is to create a dwelling that allows its occupants a maximum connection to the outside world. Posited as an ideal addition to hotels, spas, health retreats, medical centres, and other resorts, the skin of the Photon Space is made of smart glass supported by curving glass beams, switching from transparent to opaque in seconds with the help of an iPhone app. The glass uses a coating that partially blocks out infrared rays and totally blocks UV, reducing the suite's solar gain and preventing the increased exposure to the sun causing any harm to the inhabitants of the Photon Space. In addition, the ability to darken the glass during the day means that users of the suite can match their daylight hours to their body clock, helping international visitors to reduce the time to overcome jet lag from up to a week to as little as a single day. View more View full description
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