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Overall: The sports complex is situated in a former Soviet residential area – Lasnamäe  – and is one of the first buildings that is intended to revitalize the area. Architecture: Because of the volume of Tallinn Arena being considerably bigger than the neighbouring buildings, it was essential to downscale it with patterned facade. Inspiration for Tallinn Arena’s window rhythm comes from ice crystals. But after the sun has set the glimmering lights of the Arena act as an image of various apartment block windows. The articulated and varied distribution of openings gives a feeling as if the building wasn’t a single volume, but as if it´s part of the surrounding urban space and fragmented sets of light spots. Interior architecture: Interior design is in harmony with architectural simplicity and minimalism. Constructive concrete surfaces are exposed. Concrete contrasts with the wood that covers wall surfaces of public area and acts as acoustic panels on the ceiling. View more View full description
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