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playLAND is a set of three bouncy and colorful spatial interventions geared for children in the public space of Paredes de Coura, that built a human scale Lego using beach buoys as module. Created for ‘O Mundo ao Contrário’, which means ‘The World Upside-Down’, a week-long event that transformed the quiet village in the north of Portugal into a playground for hundreds of children, featuring street theatre, concerts, circus, installations, etc., playLAND is a off-the-shelf installation, built with the help of local volunteers and formalized into three different moments: an informal stage, where different shows for children could be seen; a silo-shaped tower, that kids could enter and play in; and a small tunnel pavilion, for children to cross and run around. Removed from the usual water context and used in three colors - green, orange and pink - the beach floats serve as the modular construction element, allowing the creation of a light and colorful world, built with recognizable objects belonging from another place. View more View full description
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