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One thousand nine hundred and ninety: the percentage by which the $3 billion Montreal Olympic Stadium - a project designated only $148 million in 1973 - exceeded its original budget. Ten: the number of years that the Sydney Opera House was over its deadline. Twenty-four: the number of projects included in Monumental Budget Busters, an interactive infographic ranking an array of works - ranging from the International Space Station to the Sochi Olympics - from smallest to largest in cost and time overruns. The list includes infrastructure, architecture, and governmental projects with budget overruns ranging from $210 million to $68 billion. These costs beg the question - does the end justify the means? Find out with the interactive infographic after the break. The Sydney Opera House is synonymous with delays and overspending, finishing 1357% over budget and ten years late, including the mid-project resignation of lead architect Jørn Utzon. In 2014 dollars, the Opera House cost $819M - original budget: $56M. But, for the last forty years the Sydney Opera House has been Australia's hallmark, cementing the nation on the worldwide architectural stage. Beyond its practical function as a concert hall, the Opera House has driven the local economy as a celebrated landmark for foreign visitors. View more View full description
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