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The USA's tallest building shoulders one of the nation's greatest challenges: paying tribute to lives lost in one of the country's greatest tragedies. One World Trade Center in lower Manhattan has yet to be completed and yet has still recently been condemned by a number of critics, who cite the former "Freedom Tower" as an inspirational failure. Thirteen years after the attacks, the wider site at ground zero also remains plagued by red tape and bureaucratic delays, unfinished and as-yet-unbuilt World Trade Centers, Calatrava's $5B transit hub, and an absence of reverence, according to critics. Read some of the most potent reviews of the new World Trade Center site from the press in our compilation after the break. In Manhattan, space is at a premium. Businesses, residents and the public compete for the same handful of available space unquestionably resulting in compromise from all sides. The reconstruction of the World Trade Center plaza was no different, according to Michael Sorkin's article in Metropolis Magazine. The dignity of the dead was in direct competition with the needs of corporations, says Sorkin of the site's all-encompassing master plan. "It’s clear that the contest between dignity and banality has been resolved on the side of the latter, decisively and consistently." Sorkin argues that Norwegian firm Snøhetta, designers of the above-ground pavilion leading to the memorial museum were victims of the space war. Throughout the article, Sorkin argues the irrelevance of Snøhetta's modest pavilion in the grand scheme of commercial necessities - a point cemented by the $24 entry fee to the memorial itself. View more View full description
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