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Is a 180m2 penthouse belonging to a 45 year old bachelor, in the heart of Istanbul, facing an old Armenian church Getronagan, and Galata Tower on the background.  The location of the house as well as the personality, way of living and needs of the client were the main parameters in the design of this project.  Karakoy had always been the heart of the commerce in Istanbul.  Nowadays the old neighborhood is getting more hip and active with many new art galleries, boutiques, restaurants and hotels all around.  The house is situated right in the middle of this hustle and bustle.  Meanwhile the client’s outdoor personality was of course our main drive when choosing materials and creating space.  Natural, neutral, comfortable, practical are the keywords to describe. The structural approach of the house was to open up to get more light and view. The previous small window openings on the front façade were enlarged and the new folding window frames slide the width of the building to transform the living room into a balcony, since the apartment is missing one.  And a large rectangular skylight was inserted just below the peak of the pitch to provide light and view to the mezzanine.  View more View full description
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