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This year at the Venice Biennale, not all of the exhibitions are visible. Ozel Office of Los Angeles have "hacked" the Venice Biennale with the help of some major architecture firms: Asymptote Architecture, Greg Lynn Form, Neil M. Denari Architects, Murmur, and Oosterhuis Lenard. Together, these firms have created a rogue digital addition to the Biennale only accessible through a virtual portal revealing a world of levitating models, movable objects, and much more, activated by physical components of the Koolhaas-curated central pavilion. Find out how you can hack the Biennale after the break. Roof, stair, ceiling, heat... digital? According to the brief for "Project Source Code," the single aspect lacking from Koolhaas' thorough world of architectural fundamentals is the realm of digital innovation and evolution - the most important aspect, says project creator Guvenc Ozel. "Architects seem to be the only artists working in the digital medium that do not share files with their colleagues in the same way that other disciplines do, such as electronic music, digital art and the like," he says. View more View full description
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