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TEXTSquare’s new headquarters addresses evolving programmatic needs while anticipating future expansion. The company’s mission is to foster an open and fully transparent corporate culture in keeping with its startup roots; to accommodate flexible growth; and provide a variety of spaces and amenities to compete for and retain talent in a highly competitive labor market. In total, the project encompasses 175,000 square feet of usable space over four floors and aims to connect with Square’s brand at both aesthetic and functional levels, highlighting the company’s core values of modern and functional design to create a refined, seamless experience. Responding to both the large scale of the floor plate and the client’s request for an open workplace, the design scheme is organized using an urban metaphor. The main office floor measures the length of a city block and 100,000 square feet in area; by taking cues from urban planning, the design creates clear circulation routes with visual landmarks that break down the scale of this expansive space.Furthermore, bringing elements of the city into the office creates connections with Square’s culture and brand, as their products and services foster transactions and commerce in the urban marketplace. View more View full description
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