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We had the 1st floor entrance of the pro-design vocational school renovated into a main one.We proposed to have another added-value, other than learning and acquiring technical knowledge, incorporated in the space, in addition to the value of going to the school. That is to make friends. We proposed to change the place into a place for the variety of people who go to the school to be able to mingle each other by crossing over the walls such as an age, a major, and teacher –student relation. It was to reconstruct it by breaking down the large walls of the educational staff room like the Berlin Wall. Walls of chairs that have everyone’s hearts connected. Sit, stand, peep, wait for a friend, have a long talk, sketch, read a book, take a rest, and so on. We proposed to have the chairs to be partition walls of the educational staff room. Those are joyful walls through which people inside and people outside can communicate. “Sitting” brings a discovery to the body and the heart.
It brings new experiences, different from the life of “standing”, such as having the eyelevel of child, or making you feel calmed down for some reason. And when you have a conversation by sitting next to each other, you can understand each other even without words. Having the chairs set as a wall causes a change in the borderline. View more View full description
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