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The Quota House is part of a large development project: The MiniCO2 Houses. The project involves a total of six detached houses, each of which illustrates various aspects of reducing CO2 emissions in the construction, use and maintenance of a house. The Quota House focuses on occupant behaviour and patterns of consumption, examining the degree to which carbon emissions can be reduced when the occupants are supported in more environmentally friendly behaviour – including the adoption of a quota system, a form of “budget” account which sets a clear, low target for the maximum carbon emissions the occupants should aim for each month. There are three ways in which the house and its occupants can help to reduce CO2 consumption: Firstly, via the architecture ofthe building, with functions suitably located in relation to daylight and solar orientation and to the need for privacy and family togetherness. Secondly, via built-in technology the house monitors and provides feedback on the consumption of electricity, heating and hot and cold water. And finally, by the occupants voluntarily observing an energy quota, which sets a maximum monthly target for the amount of CO2 they emit. View more View full description
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