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I am asked to lunch at the Quinta da Faísca, Alto Douro Vinhateiro, Favaios. This way of beginning architecture with a lunch is an interesting one, and full of flavours, smells and conversation. Architecture, or the act of thinking about architecture is a solitary activity, but it requires conviviality, information and the specific knowledge about both the functions and the future users of the buildings to be designed. And it requires Time. This is tangible information that’s absorbing, transformative and therefore creative. This commission follows on from another for a winery we designed and built in Louro, Minho. The clients are the same, the objective is to produce wine, but everything is so different. The specifics are different, as are the means. But the objective is the same: the creation of great wines, nectar for men who seek to become gods. View more View full description
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