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The area, a place where they are building motorways in order to reduce vehicular traffic from the Atlantic coast of Gaia, is actually zoned as an agricultural reserve. This is its status in the development plan, this is how it is; it is set in law and will remain so until the law is altered. Agricultural activity is non-existent, except for the small vegetable plots. The first step taken was to set apart the maximum allowable 300m2 plot for a building. Two hundred square meters for the residence and one hundred square meters for possible out- buildings, which I would consider appropriate for a farmer to build a home on agricultural land, without compromising our survival as a traditionally agricultural country. This was a complex task that required the involvement of various institutions and meetings with numerous participants. An arduous task but not necessarily so. For some people, 200 + 100 equals 300; this forced us to make some corrections to what had seemed mathematically obvious, because it wasn’t, at least to some people. View more View full description
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