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Lee Boyd has recently collaborated on the exciting new visitor centre for Beefeater Gin at their distillery in central London which now provides visitors an insight into the history of gin and an understanding of the process of gin making. A bold new extension providing a point of entry to the centre, links the different parts of the distillery and allows visitors to move from the exhibition floor to the stills house without interrupting the day to day workings at Beefeater. Beefeater Gin Beefeater Gin is the world’s number one premium gin and has been made in the heart of London for over 150 years, the only international brand to have its distillery in the capital. Beefeater is uniquely placed to call itself the Home of Gin and tell the intriguing story of the entwined history of London and Gin. Beefeater Gin is distilled in Kennington in South London where the new centre provides visitors with an insight into the history of gin, an understanding of the process of gin making and an opportunity to sample the unique product itself through a series of interactive exhibition spaces within the distillery. The culmination of the experience and where gin production can be seen by visitors is within the cathedral like Stills House. View more View full description
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