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"You get up at about eight o'clock in the morning, and open the balcony door to let fresh air, sunshine and light in; as well as the noise from the traffic on the street. Just opposite, the Passatge Méndez Vigo some hundred yards from Casa Batlló on Passeig de Gràcia - with its palaces and gardens; above, the radiant sky. You prepare breakfast in the spacious kitchen diner, the central area of the apartment, open to two generous inner courtyards. You have breakfast in the back gallery, looking on to the interior terrace and gardens of the block’s central courtyard in front of Casa Elizalde. There is no sun at the moment, you will have to wait until three in the afternoon. You always wanted an apartment in the Eixample of Barcelona. The one you have was built in 1878, when Modernism was knocking at the door. It was built using the techniques and materials of those years, when it became fashionable to cover them with decorative and ornamental elements made of plaster, white paint and stucco on the ceilings. The building materials and those techniques were hidden to the beholder.: Handmade brick walls, ceramic slabs, pine beams, solid doors, cast iron pillars... No tectonic nor tactility. All tightly sealed from the world for over a hundred years. However, now these spaces have been openend to the light of the 21st century. And there they are, before your eyes, noble and dazzling, like an old wine that floods joyfully out of the bottle in to a glass, free from frame - liquid, absorbing. View more View full description
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