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Set on the mountainside of Matanzas beach, overlooking the bay. The primary design intention was to integrate the building within the powerful landscape slop and to derive its poetics from the qualities of its surroundings.  The design considered dig into the hill to star the house and to generate a back yard (patio), reaching the morning light and to protect this patio and main entrance from the wind. The intention was to “view” the sea also from the back-yard, through the house. The kitchen, dinning and living room, located next to the back yard, there is in a level below from the rest of the house. This allows to integrate in a better way the back yard to the house. Besides, it is the same materiality: stone. The rest of the house is entirely built out of timber. Designed in a more cozy and intimate manner, the yoga room connects the living with both bedrooms.   View more View full description
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