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The apartment building is located between two architectonic references in the city. At one side the Parnaso building (1954), a reference of modern architecture, on the other the House of Music (Rem Koolhaas), built almost 50 years later. At the place of an old house a saw tooth silhouette emerges with an irregular pattern sequence of skylights. A blue-greenish facade announces the presence of housing and commerce in the urban structure of Oporto. Variations and changes of the shutters openings register the different signs of occupation of everyday life of its inhabitants. The proposal worked around a constant observed in the way large quarters - quarteirões - have been occupying the center of the city with narrow and deep plots – lotes. As for the urban relations the construction has followed the order of the design of a regular street facade. Over the years the main volume has been spreading slowly over many successive constructions and additions - of commercial or industrial use, or just home - both in depth toward the interior gardens and height, creating distinct section sets. View more View full description
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